Our Beer List

The Beer List

we brew an unbelievable (literally) array of world beer styles

American Pale Ale

Our flagship beer achieves a great balance between the pleasant bitterness and floral aroma from its Cascade hops, and a nice, round malt backbone. Show those yellow license plate people who really cares about America.


water / pale and crystal malt / cascade hops / white labs 001 california ale yeast

ALC 5.3% : OG 1.060 : FG 1.020 : SRM 15 : IBU 90

Gibson Brewing Co. Northwest Amber

Northwest Amber

Piney, resiny notes from Willamette hops make this beer right at home in the Pacific Northwest – you’ll need to bring the lumbersexual beard.

water / pale and crystal malt / willamette hops / white labs pacific ale yeast

ALC 5.2% : OG 1.055 : FG 1.015 : SRM 15 : IBU 35

Baltic Porter

A traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Derived from English porters but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts. Perfect to drink shirtless while riding a horse.


water / pilsner and vienna malt / styrian hops / white labs dry english ale yeast

ALC 7.0% : OG 1.065 : FG 1.012 : SRM 10 : IBU 20

Gibson Brewing Co. Baltic Porter
Gibson Brewing Co. Irish Dry Stout

Irish Dry Stout

A very dark, roasty, bitter, creamy ale. Everybody always assumes this is a heavy, strong, sludgy beer – but it used to be the choice of old ladies at the pub. So yes, you’re a wuss if you don’t try it.


water / pale malt / roasted barley / east kent goldings hops / white labs irish ale yeast

ALC 5.0% : OG 1.048 : FG 1.010 : SRM 40 : IBU 42

English Barleywine

Our English version is darker, maltier, fruitier, and features richer specialty malt flavors than American Barleywines. It’s like a beer version of Duchess Kate Middleton.


water / pale and caramel malt / fuggles hops / white labs burton ale yeast

ALC 13.6% : OG 1.120 : FG 1.018 : SRM 22 : IBU 65

Gibson Brewing Co. English Barleywine
Gibson Brewing Co. Bohemian Pilsner

Bohemian Pilsner

Rich with complex malt and a spicy, floral Saaz hop bouquet. First brewed in 1842, this style was the original clear, light-colored beer – unfortunately leading to Coors Light.

ALC 5.2% : OG 1.055 : FG 1.015 : SRM 15 : IBU 35

Munich Hefeweizen

A traditional wheat-based ale originating in Southern Germany that is a specialty for summer consumption. Banana and clove flavors predominate – perfect for your pet monkey.


water / pilsner and wheat malt / hallertau hops / white labs bavarian weizen yeast

ALC 4.5% : OG 1.048 : FG 1.014 : SRM 4 : IBU 11

Gibson Brewing Co. Munich Hefeweizen
Gibson Brewing Co. Bavarian Doppelbock

Bavarian Doppelbock

First brewed in Munich by the monks of St. Francis of Paula with higher malt and alcohol (and hence was considered “liquid bread” by the monks). They may have taken a vow of celibacy, but they still knew how to have a good time.


water / pils and vienna malt / hallertau hops / white labs german bock lager yeast

ALC 7.2% : OG 1.055 : FG 1.015 : SRM 15 : IBU 35

Belgian Saison

A seasonal summer style produced in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. It’s also produced in Richmond, VA because we’re fancy.


water / pilsner and vienna malt / styrian hops / white labs belgian saison I yeast

ALC 7.0% : OG 1.065 : FG 1.012 : SRM 10 : IBU 20

Gibson Brewing Co. Saison
Gibson Brewing Co. Belgian Tripel

Belgian Tripel

Marriage of spicy, fruity and alcohol flavors supported by a soft malt character. Belgian Tripel, will you marry me?


water / pilsner and vienna malt / candi sugar / styrian hops / white labs monestary ale yeast

ALC 7.0% : OG 1.065 : FG 1.012 : SRM 10 : IBU 20

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